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I would love to see a few designs from our members for this issue?

Anybody did this issue, Please email me a scan and we can include it here on CMA!




10 dollars inv jenny
Here is a big challence for all of us Cachet makers. How can you improve on this design, or create something to compliment this design, I like to see what our members come up with and we can post it here In September this Year the USPS will issue this Souvenir Sheet, I can just imagin what most of the cachetmakers will be able to do with this. Interesting how they do not show a right side up plane in the background drawing?
Modern Art Ray Charles
How about this? This is not a like or dislike of the design, as tastes varies from Person to Person, Country to Country and Gender to Gender. You have to do at least 12 different cachets as all of the stamps depicted are from different artist, unless you can come up with one generic cachet that will do justice to all. There has been much discussion on this subject on Facebook This will not give us any problems! I am sure we will see many cachets for this issue and rightfully so.