Copyright Caution

When a new postage stamp is first issued, the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a special postmark that says "First Day of Issue." An envelope with that new stamp and cancel is called a First Day Cover (FDC).

The United States Postal Service has copyrights on their stamp designs. In addition to USPS stamp image rights, you must be concerned about the subject of the stamp itself.
Many stamps feature famous celebrities, cartoon characters, movie titles, or other copyrighted subjects. This means that before you use such material in your cachet, you should ask for permission and pay a license fee to the owner. To avoid long licensing delays, fee expense, or penalties, many cachet makers use generic designs and alternate descriptive phrases in their cachets. Learn more.

Lloyd de Vries asked the photographer for permission to use this dog picture on his Dragon Card cachet. He found it on Flickr. This cachet has no image of Bob Hope and does not even mention his name. The image is generic. The stamp and postmark identify him.