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Souvenir Event Covers

Special local events in a city inspire cachet makers to make covers. Instead of a t-shirt, attendees are often interested in a smaller souvenir that can be mounted in a scrap book or framed on a wall. By affixing stamps related to the event on envelopes and canceling them at the local post office on the date of the event, a cachet maker produces a unique item of interest to everyone who enjoyed that event.

Anniversary Event

Here is an example of an anniversary event. It marks the first year after an Air National Guard unit deployed volunteers to Operation Desert Storm.
Desert Storm Souvenir cover

Grand Opening

A hundred-year old ice cream parlor was renovated and re-opened by a new owner. This marked the long-awaited revival that many nostalgic Columbus residents were eager to see.

Grand Re-opening Cover

Stamp Show

This cover was cancelled at a stamp show hosted by the American First Day Cover Society. The AFDCS asks several cachet makers to make different kinds of souvenir covers for various events during the show. This one was given to show volunteers.

AFDCS Loves Show Volunteers

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