Reasons to Join the CMA

Help yourself and others by sharing information about the hobby inside and outside this organization and the AFDCS.

Our newsletter is mailed in a number ten envelope as a First Day Cover with an original cachet designed by a different member for each edition.
Reach Out

Contact a curent member listed on our Contact Sellers page. We invite questions.
Your network of cachet-buying customers may grow when you post information about your services on this website. Meet With Us

We have a face-to-face meeting during the annual convention of the American First Day Cover Society.
About Dues

Membership dues ($15) help to pay the cost of preparing and mailing our newsletter. Dues also pay for the website hosting service, our domain name, and computer software to build the pages.

The first Left-Sider News was dated January 1989.

See PDF copies of our newsletters.
Membership Form

Join our friendly group of philatelic artists today. Just download this short and simple PDF form, fill it in, and mail it with your dues payment to the CMA treasurer. (Ignore the five dollar charge for a seller listing. We won't be implementing that policy yet.)

No Membership dues are required for excisting members for 2015 as CMA was not mailing a newsletter on a timely basis and frequency. all new members since 2015 still need to pay thier dues.