Meet Our Members

CMA members enjoy creating cachets for collectors of First Day Covers. Most of us do not do this full time, and some are still working regular "day" jobs. Many of us are collectors also, and trade or buy the covers made by other cachet makers.

These smiles and scenes were captured at the Night Owl Bourse, where cachet makers offered their FDCs for sale during the 2011 annual convention of the American First Day Cover Society.

Calling Knowledgable Photographers

We welcome good-quality photos of the Night Owl Bourse. As you can see here, some of our amateur efforts suffer from lighting and exposure problems.


John Colasanti is our new CMA president. and he is President of JVC Cachets.

A typical scene at the Night Owl Bourse: shoppers browsing the cachetmaker tables.

Tom Peluso and Carol Stevenson brought Tom's Therome cachets from New York.

Fred and Helen Fowler, CompuChet cachets.

Tom O'Hagen S&T Cachets
Look at all those awards!

Fred Collins (center) Collins Cachets with his son Scott and daughter Christine.

Art Kober just heard a funny story. He and his wife live in Colorado.

Larry Gassen from Illinois enjoys showing his covers.

John Romppainen from Wisconsin is all smiles too.

Frans Geerlings From Salem Oregon standing in front of his
Exhibit at Pipex 2012, I recieved a gold award for my
Flags of our Nations exhibit.
Roger Wentworth

Roger Wart Wentworth From Georgia, maker of Naval covers and well known for Mermaid covers.
Mary Kay Fisher Fisher Cachets

Nirlay Kundu
Sudbury, MA 01776

Fred Gagliardi brought his covers all the way from Connecticut.